Resistance increases once you publish

Nobody every tells you it gets harder once you publish. Resistance actually increases once you hit that publish button. In the War of Art by Steven Pressfield he advices once you finish your first book, start the next one. Steve Scott who writes short non-fiction and makes six figures every month also advises once are finished and waiting for your editor to get back to you, start the next one. I agree with both but it is often easier said than done and nobody ever tells you it doesn’t really get any easier.I don’t know how I will feel by the 10th book if I make it that far but I definitely have been in the depths of despair lately trying to write the next books. I say books because yes I know I’m trying to write a few at the same time, as one does.

But why doesn’t it get any easier? Why is it when you hit publish the resistance comes back with a vengeance. This time round it really doesn’t like you! You went against it and you are still going against it. It’s really got it in for you this time. You hit that publish button. You decided not to remain stuck. You decided to ship your work out into the world. Resistance hates this and the Ego hates it as well. It wants you to stay just the way you are. It doesn’t want you to get vulnerable and gather readers. It wants you all to its self.

BullshitSo this is where you say Stuff Resistance and you push through anyway! Resistance is BS.

Hand Embroidered Bull S*** sign found on Etsy. 

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Happy Writing :>