Writing is like digging a hole.

When you have so many ideas and goals you don’t know where to start.

When you wonder how on earth you can ever be noticed in a sea of books of authors.

When you wish you could finish something.

When you wish you knew your grammar (that’s me).

When you’re half way through a novel and decide you don’t like your story anymore.

When you try and brainstorm a killer plot but fall flat.

When you know you’re just touching the surface but you’re too afraid to go deeper.


For all the moments you dig and find nothing.

For all the moments when you think you’ve found something but the tunnel keeps going.

For all the moments you can’t find the map or wish you had one.

For all the moments you know you can’t go back and climb the wall.


Keep digging.

Imagine you’re in the hole you dug. In your own beautiful world. The walls are speckled with gold. The stars are above.

Marvel at your blacken hands. Keep digging and dig deeper.