Sacred Heart by Nicole Cappelleri

Sacred Heart: A Coloring Book Inspired by Sacred Heart Art by Nicole Cappelleri

This adult coloring book will take you on a journey to the magical world of Sacred Heart. A kaleidoscope of hearts, swords, stars, flowers and much more are waiting for you to bring them to life! The designs range from beginner to complex. Unleash your creativity and be inspired by the Sacred Heart.

Find out what everyone is talking about and start coloring now!

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10-Ideas-a-Day-by Nicole Cappelleri10 Ideas a Day: A Notebook for your Ideas by Nicole Cappelleri


Have you ever wondered how some people seem to come up with all the ideas? Creativity flows easily for them while others seem to struggle.

This Ideabook was designed for you to create the daily practice of generating ideas. The process is simple. Don’t overthink it. Every day for 60 days write 10 ideas in the space provided.

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