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Here you’ll find my info on writing, self-publishing, creativity, author platforms, book covers and book marketing plus more.

What is Active Patience about?

  • Persevering and Writing no matter what.
  • Actionable Creative Goals.
  • Patience. We never give up.
  • Focus and Effort.

Who am I?

I’m an Australian Writer, blogger, Indie Author, Graphic Designer and Freedom Fighter.

What to expect?

For Writers

My aim is to share my own writing journey and help get other creatives and writers get their work out there! I only share information I have actually tried and tested or from Authors and bloggers that I follow and trust. Keep up to date here.

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The Self-Publishing Basics

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Find What You Love and Let IT Kill You

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How to Create a Coloring Book that Sells

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Active Patience N.C Harley: A Simple Guide to Productive Writing

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My Kindle Book Active Patience is aimed at writers who are struggling with their daily practice. To find out more just click on the book or click here. See all my Books here.

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